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Alpha and Omega
    HIV/AIDS Foundation and​ Health Initiatives International, Inc.

Prevention and Awareness 

The Foundation is staffed with Certified American Red Cross Instructors who have received extensive training in the area of HIV/AIDS education. Our instructors are available to provide training in the community, and to help establish AIDS ministries and seminars.


A primary goal of the Foundation is to prevent HIV infection. The Foundation provides prevention services through education and community awareness activities. Our staff coordinates with various local, state, governmental and community organizations in identifying prevention service needs. We offer prevention services to individuals, groups and communities.

Emotional Support

Certified counselors are available to assist persons who may be in need of supportive care or counseling. We offer group support counseling, peer counseling, and bereavement counseling.


The program provides various outreach services that are addressed according to individual or community need such as: The Buddy Program, A Family Members Day, Referral and Resources Assistance, and home visits.


Our spiritual piece includes prayer, personal testimonies, communion, funeral services, music ministry, meditation, and spiritual enhancement.

Mental Health 

The program provides a mental health element. Our staff consists of persons who are spiritually based. We offer personal counseling, family and group counseling.


Special attention is paid to our youth by providing HIV/AIDS education/prevention information that is age appropriate and spiritually based.

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